We are an all volunteer rescue operation in Brooklyn seeking to find furever homes for fabulous felines in need.  


Meet Mona Lisa - precious and rare like a work of art

Like the most famous painting she was named after, Mona Lisa gazes at you, with an enigmatic smile.

This young little girl (she is petite) was found running in the middle of streets around Maimonides, darting around and under cars. If you live in the area you know it’s an extremely high traffic area. It’s dangerous for anyone trying to cross a street, much less a scared young cat. Cars, buses, ambulances, etc. Had she not been rescued, she would surely be dead.  

She is very friendly, greets us at the door, loves to be petted and is very interested in whatever you’re doing. 

She wants your undivided attention and needs to be your one and only! Mona Lisa will reward you with kisses and unconditional love❤️

Won’t you give this little beauty a home?

How can you resist Mona Lisa’s eyes?

How can you resist Mona Lisa’s eyes?

Meet Ginger and Spice who are twice as nice!

These young kittens were rescued down by the train tracks.  Their sibling was adopted by a lovely family who already had a full house and besides, someone had already spoken for Ginger and Spice.   As sometimes happens, the potential adopter changed their mind.   And so Ginger and Spice are back on the list of kittens up for adoption.  

Spice should have been named Sugar because he is just that sweet.  Loves to play, be petted and rolls over for belly rubs.

Ginger is very playful as well and loves chin and head  rubs.

Together they are a riot.  They love to play, pounce on each other and enjoy a good tussle.

They are non stop entertainment!  Spice up your life with these cuties!



Itty Bitty Kitty is in desperate need for fosters or adopters.

Our kitties are losing their home where we care for them.  George Politis, all the many volunteers who have come through the door and the kitties are grateful for being able to call this home for the last 7 years.  It has allowed us to trap neuter return over 3500 ferals and  Friendlies, over 600 adoptions over the last 7 years when we first started adoptions, and rescue countless injured or sick felines. We have also rescued 7 dogs, a litter of baby raccoons, a tiny baby possum that required tube feeding, baby squirrels and brought them to licensed rehabilitators to Long Island, birds brought to the wild bird fund, baby squirrels brought to a licensed squirrel rehabilitator here in Brooklyn and several injured adult Possums, raccoons And Birds. 

We were informed very recently that we will need to vacate their home.  The building's owner indicated it could be within several weeks or several months. The urgency is near and real. George Politis implores anyone who can help us help our felines please call him.

If you or someone you know can find it in your heart to help us, either as a foster or adopter, please call George Politis at 917-889-5896.  He will provide background on the cats that need homes. 

This is an urgent situation.  We are reaching out to the community to help us get them into a secure place. We have served Bay Ridge and  greater Brooklyn and  the  outer boroughs to a lesser degree. 

If anyone is willing or knows someone who can allow us to relocate them,  all together, to a space that they own or know of one that is available so we can continue the work that we do  it would be simply amazing and we would be very very grateful. We are not a non profit.  George and all the volunteers work hard to care for all the animals that have come through our door. We want to thank you all for any and all support you provided us over the years. We hope we can continue this work that serves the communities of Brooklyn and Bay Ridge particularly but if we can not we want to find the remaining felines a temporary home or permanent.

Thank you all so very much.

George Politis


Spring is Here...

Cuddle up with Sunny Boy and Dandelion!    These two boys were rescued from a hard knock life in Queens.  They were shown love and kindness and are now ready to live the life they deserve in their furever home!  Adopt and let these two siblings bring the sunshine into your home!

These friendly boys are bonded brothers,  approximately 6 months old.

These friendly boys are bonded brothers, approximately 6 months old.

A Star is Born

Meet Star!  This adorable tuxedo is approximately three months old.  He is a little shy at first but will quickly take a shine to you.  Gets along and plays well with other kitties.  Let Star light up your Home!

Let this adorable tux entertain you!

Let this adorable tux entertain you!

Itty Bitty Kitty NY

An established local  organization  comprised of all volunteers, we  help cats and kittens discarded on the streets of Brooklyn.  Based in Bay Ridge,  we have also been doing TNR rescues for decades. Working closely with the community, NYC Mayor’s Aliiance for Animals and other rescue groups, it is our mission to find good homes for the thousands of kitties we encounter. IBKNY relies on the help of people like you and are in need of food,  foster parents, donations  and transportation. 


Felines Who Have Found Their Furever Homes

Thor, the crown prince of this household!

Thank you to Heather, Bob and especially Zach for adopting Thor and giving him a beautiful, loving home! As you can see from this pic, Thor has made a conquest and has claimed Zach’s back as his throne! Like the superhero he is named after, he is fearless and full of energy (and absolutely adorable!)

We are so happy for Thor and grateful to his new family! May all our kitties find such a lovely furever home to call their own.

Thor!  A purrfectly marvel-ous character!

Thor! A purrfectly marvel-ous character!


Felines Who Have Found Their Furever Homes

Rocco was IBKNY’s ambassador during his stay.  He was special from the start, personality pawed out of him.   We just knew someone special was out there and would be a perfect match.  Along came Lynne!  It was love at first sight and the rest is history.  Lynne prepared for his homecoming with such care and thought, preparing a place fit for a king.  We had a Welcome Home gathering with Lynne’s grandchildren!  What fun!  Ava created the artwork and Jack provided expert guidance on best practices!  As you can see from the pics Rocco immediately made himself at home!  He knew he was finally where he belonged.  Thanks to Lynne for giving this boy such a beautiful home!



Felines Who Have Found Their Furever Homes

Johnny-I adopted Johnny in May. He was looking sad and lonely in his cage, watching us meeting all the kitties.  He immediately started purring when George opened the cage to introduce us. He's so friendly and sweet..he loves everyone who visits us. He has a really michevious personality,  loves to play and gives kisses.  He makes every day fun! Anne-Marie C. 



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